Date City Venue Supporting Acts
12/17/16 New Orleans, LA Burn the Throne Fest Thou, Divine Eve, and Barghest


Date City Venue Supporting Acts
09/17/16 Austin, TX Red River Family Fest Volahn, BHL, and Tyrannosorceress
08/14/16 Olympia, WA Migration Fest Mournful Congregation, False, Hell, Vhol, and Mutilation Rites
07/09/16 Dallas, TX RBC Satanarchist, Steel Baring Hand, and Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride
04/23/16 Mainz, DE Haus Mainusch Exilent and Alouatta
04/22/16 Freiburg, DE KTS Glorious Home and Potence
04/21/16 Besancon, FR Les Passager Du Zinc None
04/20/16 Bremgarten, CH Kuzep Ashkara
04/19/16 Strasbourg, FR Diamamnt D'or Le Mal des Ardents
04/18/16 Mulheim an der Ruhr, DE Autonomes Zentrum No Sun Rises
04/17/16 Paris, FR Montreui Holywood Fun Downstairs and No Place Like Road
04/16/16 Tilberg, NL Roadburn Festival Neurosis, Amenra, Converge, and Tau Cross
04/15/16 Leipzig, DE Doom Over Leipzig Festival Downfall of Gaia, Addaura, and Buried at Sea
04/14/16 Munich, DE Feierwerk Mares of Diomedes
04/13/16 Linz, AT KAPU Abstracter
04/12/16 Vienna, AT Venster 99 Addaura, Antlers, and Viva Belgrado
04/11/16 Brno, CZ Bajkazyl Sakala
04/10/16 Zdunska Wola, PL Variete TBA
04/09/16 Berlin, DE Kopi Agnosy
03/26/16 Dallas, TX Deep Vellum Books War Party and Thin Skin
03/17/16 Austin, TX Worshipper Cabinets SXSW Showcase Khemmis, Wovoka, Venemous Maximus, and Mountain of Smoke
02/20/16 Dallas, TX Wits End Kaliya, Krigsgrav, and Wildspeaker
12/14/15 Dallas, TX Double Wide Bell Witch and Wreckmeister Harmonies
11/07/15 Emory, TX No Thanks Fest CANCELLED
10/17/15 San Antonio, TX Sound Crater Haunter, Se Tu Propio Dios, and Chris Perez
10/16/15 El Paso, TX The Sandbox The Stalk and Angrist
10/15/15 Tucson, AZ Southwest Terror Fest Thou & The Body, In the Company of Serpents, and Abstractor
10/14/15 Los Angeles, CA The Complex Graves at Sea, Ancient Altar, and Abstractor
10/13/15 Oakland, CA The Golden Bull Graves at Sea, Badr Vogu, Deathgrave, and Augurs
10/12/15 Ashland, OR Club 66 Addaura, Isenordal, and Indra
10/11/15 Salem, OR Wisp House Addaura and Isenordal
10/10/15 Portland, OR High Water Mark Lounge Isenordal, Addaura, Ancient Altar, and Satanarchist
10/09/15 Seattle, WA Black Lodge Addaura, Ancient Altar, and Isenordal
10/07/15 Boise, ID Neurolux Slumm and Blackcloud
10/06/15 Salt Lake City, UT Metro Bar Gentry Densley and Darklord
10/05/15 Denver, CO Lost Lake Matriarch and Swami
10/04/15 Colorado Springs, CO The Flux Capacitor Serial Hawk, Basura, and Blighter
10/03/15 Albuquerque, NM Sister Bar Hanta
10/02/15 Oklahoma City, OK 89th Street Collective Idre and Convert
07/21/15 Dallas, TX Three Links False, Orgullo Primitivo, and Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride
04/28/15 Dallas, TX Three Links Full of Hell and The Body
02/28/15 Dallas, TX Double Wide Cleric, Unconscious Collective, The Angelus, and Sans Soleil
02/04/15 Dallas, TX Double Wide Of Oak, Mountain of Smoke, and Downfall of Gaia
01/03/15 El Paso, TX The Sandbox They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy and Ecocide
01/02/15 Abilene, TX Primal Skateshop They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy and Ecocide
01/01/15 San Antonio, TX Limelight They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy, Ecocide, and Crawl
12/20/14 Dallas, TX Double Wide They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy and Kallohonka
11/08/14 Emory, TX No Thanks Fest Sabbath Assembly, Pinkish Black, and Uzala
08/12/14 Dallas, TX The Crown and Harp Spacebeach, Mountain of Smoke, and Omotai
07/26/14 Austin, TX The Lost Well Bridge Farmers, Unconscious Collective, and Cleric
07/25/14 San Antonio, TX The Korova Tentacles and Cursus
07/24/14 El Paso, TX The Sprout Daikaiju
07/23/14 Tucson, AZ The District Tavern Menthra
07/22/14 Tijuana, MX El Tigre Witherandrot
07/21/14 Oakland, CA Eli's Mile High Club CANCELLED
07/20/14 Arcata, CA The Ink Annex Disaster Strikes and Opposition Rising
07/19/14 Portland, OR Slabtown The Siege Fire and Uzala
07/18/14 Seattle, WA Highline Bar Old Iron and Uzala
07/17/14 Olympia, WA The Northern Burial Suit, Shadows, and Uzala
07/16/14 Salem, OR The Wisp House Usnea and Uzala
07/15/14 Boise, ID Neurolux Blackcloud and Uzala
07/14/14 Salt Lake City Bar Deluxe Cicadas and Uzala
07/13/14 Denver, CO The Seventh Circle Fourth Seal
07/12/14 Albuquerque, NM The Sister Bar TBA
07/11/14 Midland, TX Blue Max Rum Rebellion and Black Irish Texas
07/10/14 Dallas, TX Double Wide Kallohonka, Steel Bearing Hand, and Tolar
05/22/14 Dallas, TX Double Wide Orgullo Primitivo and Vaults of Zin
11/23/13 Emory, TX No Thanks Fest Cleric, Sabbath Assembly, Wartorn, and Thou
10/06/13 Dallas, TX Club Dada Sierra, Pinkish Black, and Kylesa
09/21/13 Austin, TX Red 7 Brazillionaire, Sans Soleil, and Unconscious Collective
09/20/13 New Orleans, LA Siberia Unconscious Collective
09/19/13 Columbia, SC New Brookland Tavern Burnt Books, Nuklear Blast Suntan, and Unconscious Collective
09/18/13 Baltimore, MD The Sidebar Unconscious Collective
09/17/13 Philadelphia, PA Millcreek Tavern Elliot Levin and Unconscious Collective
09/16/13 New York, NY Saint Vitus Bar Unconscious Collective
09/15/13 Raleigh, NC The Maywood Unconscious Collective
09/14/13 Asheville, NC The Odditorium Unconscious Collective
09/13/13 Nashville, TN The Owl Farm Battle Path and Unconscious Collective
09/12/13 Dallas, TX The Crown and Harp Cleric, Unconscious Collective, and Juicy Karkass
07/24/13 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves Inter Arma and Ken Mode
12/08/12 New Orleans, LA Siberia Rise Fest
11/24/12 Fort Worth, TX Lola's Saloon Pinkish Black and Atriarch
10/23/12 Dallas, TX Good Records Hull
09/11/12 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves Terminator 2, Sutekh Hexen, and Pinkish Black
08/30/12 Little Rock, AR Mutants of the Monster Fest II Rwake, Pallbearer, Deadbird, and Hull
03/13/12 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves Marriages, Whirr, and Deafheaven
01/08/12 Little Rock, AR White Water Tavern CANCELLED
01/07/12 New Orleans, LA Siberia Choke, The Void, and The Devil's Rain
01/06/12 Birmingham, AL Spring Street Fire House Black Hole Kids, Null, and Legion
01/05/12 Nashville, TN WTC Tower 2 Sky Burial, Vestiges, and Downfall of Gaia
01/04/12 Dallas, TX Queen City Hall Baring Teeth, Vestiges, and Downfall of Gaia
01/03/12 Austin, TX The Scoot Inn Boars, Vestiges, and Downfall of Gaia
01/02/12 San Antonio, TX The Ten Eleven Colonia and Sturmgewehr
01/01/12 Houston, TX The White Swan Gall and Endisnow
10/20/11 Dallas, TX Double Wide Tyrannosorceress and Eagle Claw
09/28/11 Fort Worth, TX Lola's Saloon Megaton Leviathan, Garuda, and Wolves in the Throne Room
10/22/10 Emory, TX No Thanks Fest Supporting Acts
08/02/10 Dallas, TX Phoenix Project Collective Ecocide, Colony, and Mania